Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Came! Yippee!

Yep! My Mistborn boxset came, and it's sooooo purty.

It got a little beaten up in the post by the looks of it as the corners are a little squished and the books aren't in the best condition I've ever seen (I've seen much worse being sold as new, however, so I don't mind), but it's still quite nice. It stands out nicely on my bookshelf, and I think I'll move it to sit with my Modesitt, Jr. books (All three of them).

The box is covered in the artwork of the books, but this is where I have a slight gripe with them. The quality on both the books and the boxset is kinda poor. It's a little blurry, a little 'grainy' (Like a film grain effect), and even the covers are a little inconsistent. Mistborn (Book 1) has the title in a pinky/purple colour, as does the box itself, but the other two titles have a blue colour. I'd say the art on the books is of a worse visual quality than the box. Another minor flaw is the box is slightly too big, and there's two 'flaps' inside it that cause the books to move around a tiny bit. The books also aren't 'level' with each other - Mistborn seems to be a little different in size, which only really stands out if you have the boxset right infront of you.

So, despite the flaws, it's quite a nice little boxset. I would have liked the art to be clearer and 'sharper' on both the box and the books, and perhaps a little more continuity between the books in terms of colour and 'size'.

Now all I've got to do is work out when I can read them ;)

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