Friday, July 22, 2011

Lesbian SFF Month - A Conclusion

I quite enjoyed it, and I read four really good books. I didn't read Moxyland nor The Windup Girl, the former as I got sidetracked and the latter because what I did read irritated and annoyed me, and I didn't wish to put up with it. Whilst they're only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what's out there, I felt the books I chose were beautifully crafted and, in their own ways, really good for those who are confident in their sexuality, or who are trying to come to terms with it.

Overall, I would probably say that The Snow Queen's Shadow (Jim C. Hines) was my favourite of the four, with Ash (Malinda Lo) being my least favourite, but by no means was it poor. Huntress (Also by Malinda Lo) surprised me as I was almost expecting a fairy tale, but was instead greeted by a beautiful coming-of-age-esque story that was touching and emotional. I feel that I've taken something from the four books, and I hope others do too. Here are my reviews for them, all of which are on my Goodreads page.

The Snow Queen's Shadow - Jim C. Hines - Princess #4 - 5/5 Stars; Favourite Read
Honeyed Words - J.A. Pitts - Black Blade/Sarah Beauhall #2 - 4/5 Stars; Favourite Read
Ash - Malinda Lo - Standalone - 4/5 Stars
Huntress - Malinda Lo - Standalone (Prequel to Ash, although mostly unrelated) - 5/5 Stars; Favourite Read


  1. This is more by way of testing your revamped comments - but I will look out for 'The Snow Queen's Shadow'

  2. Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by.

    I'd recommend you pick up The Stepsister Scheme first, as it's the first in the series and really sets the tone for the following books. You'll really only be able to get them online, though, as Jim's books haven't been published in the UK.