Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogging - Is It A Pain?

Blogging. It's that thing that everyone does, but I've got to admit I'm finding it quite hard to do. Blogs generally start in one way. You have opinions, you think people want to hear your opinions, so you create a blog to voice those opinions and discuss things with people. The problem with blogging, for me, is it's very much the same as going into the kitchen and completely forgetting what you were going in there for, leaving you with a blank mind and absolutely nothing of value to contribute to society.

I don't want this blog to be filled with, let's be honest here, trivial nonsense. I don't think any of my followers really give a monkey's backside as to whether I scratched my arse in the shower or not, but at the other extreme I don't want to be political and preachy about society or even myself and my issues. My aim is to talk mostly about books, comics and related media, but I must admit I've not done a great job of that.

So, here's to trying to keep a little bit more consistent with this. The blog might change a little visually, but I'm thinking of keeping the same theme. 

Until next time!

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