Friday, January 6, 2012

Anticipated 2012 Titles

A lot of bloggers have recently been talking about titles they're looking forward to in this coming year, and I've decided to follow suit, as I'm sure my list will be a little different to that of others. I've also added a small list of a few graphic novels I'm looking forward to do. Not all of these releases have finalised cover art listed, so I've either not included any or used a placeholder picture with a similar theme.

1. Thief's Covenant - Ari Marmell
I don't know a lot about this. I know Marmell is a very witty and intelligent guy, and on SFFWorld I saw a lot of good feedback for his The Goblin Corps (which I still need to read), and ever since I saw Jason Chan's cover I was hooked. It's one of Pyr's first handful YA titles, and with its female protagonist it looks sure to be a series that I'll very much enjoy. The second book has already been titled, and the cover released, and I'm champing at the bit to get started.

2. Shadow's Master - Jon Sprunk

No (Finalised) Cover Art

Well, what can I say? Sprunk's debut series was something I took a gamble on after waiting month after month for the MMPB release from Gollancz, and ever since I've wanted the Pyr trade edition. It's an assassin-themed series but it's not all darkness and hoods, it's a really compelling set of books with a brilliant set up between Caim and his companion Kit, a ghost of sorts who is much Caim's guardian as she is his friend. Oh, yeah. #TeamKit Representing!

3. Forged in Fire - J.A. Pitts
Sarah Beauhall. Yum. I'm eagerly awaiting the third entry in Pitts' stellar Sarah Beauhall/Black Blade series, and it's really the only urban fantasy I read. I'm not sure what the plot will be for Forged in Fire, but I know it'll be an enjoyable read with some great characters and hopefully another fight with a dragon. One of the main reasons I absolutely love this series is the way Pitts deals with Sarah. She's one of the few lesbian protagonists in any current series from a major genre publisher, and whereas it could easily be done wrong or descend into sheer exploitative ridiculousness, I've felt from the very start that Pitts has done nothing but try and treat her sexuality both not as an issue but also as sensitively as he could do without being patronising. Yes, the first book has her wrestling with her sexuality (amongst other things), and it realistically carries over to the second book, but the series never becomes solely about that aspect of her. It's there, it's a big part of her, but it's not her defining feature.

4. Legends of the Red Sun #4 - Mark Charan Newton

No (Finalised) Cover Art
Sadly I don't know the title for this book, but it's not stopping me looking forward to it. Newton's work has been... relatively good, I won't deny the third book - with a rare appearance from a transgendered character, even rarer still as it was incredibly tasteful - was a little disappointing for me, but I still remember how much I enjoyed City of Ruin in particular. I'm hoping for a sense of closure with this volume, as well as answers to many questions about the characters and the world. This is another series with some LGBT-themes, as well as commentaries on racism and other social issues of our time. Definitely one to look out for.

5. The Wind Through The Keyhole - Stephen King 

No (Finalised) Cover Art
Perhaps a little unnecessary now that Marvel is coming up to its eighth and ninth The Dark Tower graphic novels, but still something I'm anxious to get started with. The Dark Tower and its mythos is some of the best stuff I've read, and forms most of my experience with King, and I'm eager to see how this book - numbered 4.5 - fits between Wizard & Glass as well as Wolves of the Calla. Part of me hopes this is the final novel that King writes as a direct part of The Dark Tower series, as it was wrapped up both so neatly yet left so open.

Graphic Novels
1. B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs Omnibus #3 - Mike Mignola & Others (Dark Horse)
Placeholder; No Finalised Cover

I started on B.P.R.D. last year once they'd started to release the omnibus editions of the Plague of Frogs arc, a story that spanned something like 12 trade paperbacks (I think it works out as perhaps 60-70 issues of material) and this year brings the third and hopefully fourth volumes. I'm really excited to get back into Mignolaverse. I'll definitely have to re-read the first two omnibus editions though, just to get refresh my memory.

2. B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism - Mike Mignola & Cameron Stewart (Dark Horse)
Placeholder; No Finalised Cover
I'm not sure this will be out in trade by the end of 2012, and I'm not sure it'll be standalone, but I'm still anticipating it. One character from Plague of Frogs, B.P.R.D. Agent Ashley Strode, will be playing the major role in this small arc, and I wanted to know more about her from the first time I encountered her (not just because she was a super cute redhead, by the way). Cameron Stewart released some teaser art not long ago including a sketch page of Ashley, and I was smitten. I really can't wait to start this. Actually, not even sure if it's a single issue or a small series...

3. Batwoman: Hydrology - J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman & Amy Reeder Hadley (DC Comics)
 Placeholder; No Finalised Cover (but come on, Hadley is AWESOME at drawing Batsy)

Batwoman! Batwoman! Yes! I love Batwoman, and I cannot wait to get this. Containing, according to Amazon, issues #0 to 5, it's got enough Batsy to keep me up at night. I'm really looking forward to reading this, as Batwoman as one of my favourite series that I've not read enough of. I've wanted more ever since I finished Elegy, and after reading Batwoman #1 (a not entirely flawless experience, however) I've been really excited about getting this.


  1. Nice picks Kathryn, particularly on the comics front. I've been loving the new Batwoman stuff and I think you will too. I'm also very excited for the new Dark Tower book. That'll probably be a day of release purchase for me.

  2. Same here. I didn't mention them, but I'm also really looking forward to the next two Dark Tower graphics (#8 & #9; The Battle of Tull and, I think, The Way Station respectively).

    As for Batwoman - Oh, definitely Ryan. I'm excited that the trade has #0 in it, as it's one I've wanted, but I'm a bit confused - won't the other trades be 1-6, or are they 1-5 too?

  3. The other DC relaunch trades? I'm not sure...

    The #0 issue is pretty cool. It's basically Batman attempting to confirm that Kate Kane is Batwoman. I think I picked it up for free at the DC table at Seattle's Comicon...sweet deal.