Saturday, February 25, 2012

Radio Silence


Yes, I've been somewhat silent lately, at least in terms of Tumblin' and Bloggin', and there's a few reasons. First of all, I've just not had much to say. I've had a fairly quiet period of on/off reading, and whilst I've already got two 2012 releases (Thief's Covenant and Shadow's Master) read, I've not really had the energy to review them.

As for reviewing itself - I suppose I'm officially retired from it now, at least in terms of my positions with SFFWorld and Speculative Book Review. I burnt out pretty much as soon as my resignations went into effect, and it's still there over a month later. I do still have one more review to do in the coming month or so, which will be J.A. Pitts' Forged In Fire, but that depends on whether I decide to re-read the previous books.

Looking forward to April, though - B.P.R.D.:  Plague of Frogs Omnibus #3, The Wind Through The Keyhole (The Dark Tower #8/4.5) and I'll also be receiving (in lieu of chocolates and other Easter-related overpriced tat) the eighth The Dark Tower graphic novel, The Battle of Tull.

So, largely I've just been recharging. Reading for pleasure is quite fun but with too many late nights, personal stress and so forth, I've just not been able to really get into anything as much as I'd like to. This weekend, I've been re-reading the B.P.R.D. series. Well, to be precise, I'm re-reading the first two omnibus releases of the Plague of Frogs arc in preparation for the third volume in April. It's quite a nice change from a novel.

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