Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Tweaks & Changes!

As is pretty obvious, I've tweaked my blog a bit. Changed the colour scheme to something a little more serene, adjusted the layout and replaced my mini-profile with a picture of Dian Belmont from Sandman Mystery Theatre reading Hemingway. Why? Well, because I can.

Posts have been infrequent, largely due to work and an inability to actually get anything decent written, so apologies for the radio silence. However, despite the silence, I've recently broken 10k page views! I doubt most of them are genuine, but as I've said before, I shouldn't look a gift mouth in the horse.

I have a few ideas for posts, however. I'm hopefully going to manage to get one or two more posts done in the style of my recent(ish) Chloe Noonan post, and I might go back and try and finish off a few reviews that have sat unpublished for months. On top of this, I just might have a guest post appearing somewhere in the relatively near future.

Onwards and upwards, yes?


  1. Yes. Onwards and upwards. Though few and far between lately, I always look forward to new material from your blog.

    I know how it feels to be too busy to get all the things done you want to do. I've been feeling that myself lately. I hadn't been by SFF World in weeks until today, and realized they had made some updates to the site. I need to make more time for that place.

    The new layout looks good. Seems like lots of folks on my blogroll are revamping their blogs.

    1. Thanks Ryan!

      Well, truth be told SFFW is pretty quiet at the moment. More activity from the bots than anything else, it seems.

  2. Love your blog spot and would like to be a part of it for my new book release The Merlin Chronicles: Revelations Book One.
    Contact me at danieldiehlbooks@gmail.com
    You're doing a great job here!