Thursday, August 1, 2013

QUICK THOUGHTS: David Weber's Upcoming 'Tales of Honor'

This morning when I logged onto Twitter I found a few tweets from sci-fi author David Weber (whose Star Kingdom/Stephanie Harrington books I buy without fail), and one of them announced a new comic series about Honor to debut in 2014.

I believe Evergreen Films are the company in charge of the in-development Honor Harrington movies (another yay), but it's Top Cow that has me jumping for joy whilst being somewhat cautious. Top Cow are a large, but relatively specific, publisher who for the most part are hand-in-hand with Image Comics, who publish titles like The Walking Dead. Top Cow's list of major properties is their Artifacts universe (Witchblade, The Darkness, etc.), CyberForce and a handful of others, whilst in the past they've published Tomb Raider comics, Mark Millar's Wanted, J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars and a number of other titles.

So whilst Top Cow are a prominent publisher with good links and the capacity to do Honorverse justice, I have concerns that if they use in-house creators that we will end up with something *very* un-Weber like. Weber is typically a very sober author with a love of detailing, and very little interest in (over)sexualising his characters. Top Cow own and publish Witchblade (and many other over/hyper-sexualised characters). I am concerned that the comics will go against a lot of Weber's style, but of course it's early days yet.

But here's to hoping for an Alex Ross cover!

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