Friday, March 2, 2012

The Kevin Keller Follow-Up

I recently posted about an organisation making an attack on Archie Comics and toy store Toys 'R' Us over their sale of Life With Archie Issue 16 in which Kevin Keller, the first openly-gay character in the Archie universe, gets married to his same-sex partner.

Kevin Keller's Wedding, from the Archie Marries Betty half of Life With Archie #16
Since that post, things changed.

Firstly, on their Twitter account, Archie Comics (@ArchieComics) tweeted this zinger of a comment, which refers to the American Families Association's previous attack on Ellen DeGeneres (a prominent, out-lesbian comedienne and talk-show host).

Secondly, the issue in question sold out. The news of it selling out was reported on comic-themed sites like Comic Book Resources, on sites such as The Mary Sue (a site which generally focuses on girl geekdom) and even a major British newspaper, The Guardian.

This marks a major success for Archie Comics, but also a victory for LGBT equality.

I still urge anyone with even a shred of interest in this wedding to pick up a copy of Life With Archie #16 (which can be bought via the Archie Comics app) or to buy the recent Kevin Keller hardcover collection, which contains his first appearances in Veronica and his four-issue self-titled miniseries.

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